Battery Pack ATS Model 8700
Mã sản phẩm: S000140
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:41:52 PM

Chroma transfers its successful experience in 8000 ATS which is quite well-known in the power electronics industry to the battery application field by developing the Test Items specifically for the battery industry. It can perform automatic tests on the Battery Management System (BMS), semi products and finished products tests on the production line as well as provide long term maintenance and service to the battery module. 8000 (8700) ATS has flexible hardware architecture that can select a variety of hardware devices, such as DC Power Supply, Electronic Load, LCR Meter and 6 1/2 digits Meter, etc. to comply with different automatic testing requirements for various applications. In addition new hardware and test items can be expanded to meet the demands for inspecting the highly customized battery products with diversified tests. 

Thermal/Multi-Function Data Logger Model 51101 series
Mã sản phẩm: S000139
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:39:40 PM

Chroma thermal/multi-function data loggers measure temperatures, voltages, and currents
with high accuracy and resolutions. For example, they support 8 types of thermal couples measurement with ITS-90 defined temperature range at 0.5˚C accuracy and 0.01˚C resolution*, while most data loggers in the market are at 1˚C accuracy and 0.1˚C resolution*. Chroma loggers are with 1000VDC channel to channel isolation, which means they can attach thermal couples to objects with high electricity, such as batteries,
solar cells, working PCB, etc., and still get correct data. Many competitors are just

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System Model 17020E
Mã sản phẩm: S000138
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:36:28 PM

The 17020E test system is specifically designed to meet the diversified requirements for testing secondary battery packs with high safety and stability. Charge and discharge protection will abort tests when abnormal conditions are detected. Data loss, storage and recovery are protected against power failure. 

Battery Cell Insulation Tester Model 11210
Mã sản phẩm: S000137
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:34:48 PM

Chroma 11210 battery cell insulation tester is an instrument used for accurately measuring leakage current (LC) and insulation resistance (IR) of battery jelly-roll/dry-cell as well as various insulation materials. In addition to standard LC/IR measurement, the 11210 has a unique function that detects partial discharge (PD) or flashover that may have occurred inside the insulation material during the high voltage insulation testing process. With PD detection of the battery's internal status before electrolyte filling, defective products can be filtered out before entering the next stage of production preventing the potential hazards that may occur in the field. In contrast to traditional methods of insulation test, Chroma 11210 provides an entirely new concept for inspection and evaluation of battery quality.

Battery Cell Charge/Discharge Test System Model 17011
Mã sản phẩm: S000136
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:33:26 PM

The Chroma 17011 Battery Cell Charge and Discharge Test System is a high precision system designed specifically for testing lithium-ion battery (LIB) cells, electrical double layer capacitors (EDLC), and lithiumion capacitors (LIC). It is suitable for product development, quality control, and helpful to characteristic research, cycle life testing, product screening, and quality assessment.

Battery Simulator Model 17020
Mã sản phẩm: S000135
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:29:54 PM

The 17020 Regenerative Battery Pack Test System equipped with battery charge/discharge motor and battery simulation functions can be used to test battery packs and other connected associate products. The battery simulator software simulates the working state of an actual battery under different SOC (state of charge), and adjusts the required battery output as desired. It does not have to wait for charge/discharge time to end like the actual battery pack. The 17020 is suitable for verifying the products that work with battery such as the motor drive for car start-stop system, electric controller for light electric vehicle, and on-board chargers, etc.

Adapter/Charger ATS Model 8020
Mã sản phẩm: S000134
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:28:46 PM

Chroma 8020 Adapter/Charger ATS is the best test system for testing Adapter and Charger in the production line. 8020 is able to test multiple UUTs concurrently that improve productivity significantly, the hardware architecture is also as flexible as Chroma 8000 ATS. There are many hardware devices available for selection such as AC Power Supply, Electronic Load, Timing/ Noise Analyzer and Power Meter.

Digital Power Meter Model 66205
Mã sản phẩm: S000133
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:27:39 PM

The 66205 is the 2nd generation of the 66200 series power meter designed specifically for single channel measurement. Its state of art design is capable of providing highly accurate power measurements to meet the requirements of IEC 62301/EN50564 standards. Functionality improvements of the 66205 increase power measurement capabilities to a wider range of applications.

DC Power Supply Model 62000H Series
Mã sản phẩm: S000132
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:26:11 PM

Chroma's new 62000H Series of programmable DC power supplies offer many unique advantages for telecom, automated test system & integration, industrial, battery charge & simulation for hybrid cars and solar panel simulation. These advantages include high power density of 15KW in 3U, precision readback of output current and voltage, output trigger signals as well as the ability to create complex DC transient waveforms to test device behavior for spikes, drops, and other voltage deviations.

Programmable AC Power Source Model 61509/61508/61507
Mã sản phẩm: S000131
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:25:00 PM

The global market for AC power testing demands for a more sophisticated, high performance AC source capable of simulating a wide range of AC line conditions. To meet these demands, Chroma has developed a high power density, low form factor (5U) instrument. The Chroma 61509/61508/61507/61609/61608/61607 models are the latest of the 61500/61600 series AC Source. The Chroma 61500/61600 series programmable AC source are the right solutions to meet complex single and three phase requirements due to their ability to simulate AC line conditions and measure critical product characteristics during testing. These features make the 61500/61600 series ideal for commercial, power electronics, avionics, military, and regulation test applications from bench-top R/D design verification and quality assurance to mass production. DC functionality enhancements, with DC power ratings of up to 75% of full output power, has further extended test application capabilities especially for AC/DC server PSU.

Regenerative AC load function Model 61800 Series Optional Function
Mã sản phẩm: S000130
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:23:21 PM

The regenerative AC load function consists of various modes such as CC Rectified mode, CP Rectified mode, CR mode, CC Phase lead/lag mode and CP Phase lead/ lag mode.

The Rectified Mode is capable of simulating non-linear rectified loads with characteristics similar to Chroma 63800 series AC load where the voltage and current operate at the 1st and 3rd quadrant. The Rectified Mode supports both CC and CP functions with current, power and CF as parameter settings.

AC and DC Electronic load Model 63800 series
Mã sản phẩm: S000129
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:22:24 PM

Chroma's 63800 Series AC&DC Electronic Loads are design for testing uninterruptible power supplies(UPS), Off-Grid Inverters, AC sources and other power devices such as switches, circuit breakers, fuses and connectors.

Programmable DC Electronic Load Model 63000 Series
Mã sản phẩm: S000128
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:21:17 PM

The 63000 Series programmable DC electronic loads are reliable, precision instruments primarily designed to test switching power suppl ies, A/D power suppl ies, power electronic components, adapters, 3C batteries and chargers. Its maximum 350W rated power makes it suitable for testing numerous types of lower power devices.

High Power DC Electronic Load Model 63200A series
Mã sản phẩm: S000127
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:18:59 PM

The 63200A series high power DC electronic loads are designed for testing a wide range of power conversion products including AC/DC and server power supplies, DC/DC converters, EV batteries, automotive charging stations, and other power electronics components. These units can be synchronously paralleled up to 240kW and dynamically synchronized for generating complex multi-channel transient profiles. The 300% peak overpower capability provides extra headroom for fault condition simulations in automotive batteries, fuel cells, and more.

Wound Component EST Analyzer Model 19036
Mã sản phẩm: S000126
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:16:47 PM

Chroma 19036 is the industry's first Wound Component Electrical Safety Test (EST) Analyzer that combines the functions of impulse test, hipot, insulation resistance and DC resistance measurements. It has 5kVac/ 6kVdc high voltage output, 5kV insulation resistance, 6kV layer short impulse voltage and 4-wire DC resistance measurement that can comply with the wound components test demands by providing maximum 10 channels output for multichannel scanning tests to save time and labor costs.

Impulsing Winding Tester Model 19301A
Mã sản phẩm: S000125
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:15:11 PM

The Chroma 19301A impul se Winding Tester combines high & low inductance test technologies, has a maximum impulse voltage of 1000V, and a high speed sampling rate of 200MHz which satisfies most of the test requirements for power inductor products with a wide inductance range from 0.1uH to 100uH. The built-in functions of Area Size Comparison, Differential Area Comparison, FLUTTER Value, LAPLACIAN Value, ΔPEAK o r Δ P EAK RAT IO, P EAK RAT IO a n d ΔRESONANT AREA functions are able to inspect coils for poor insulation effectively.

Electrical Safety Test Scanner Model 19200
Mã sản phẩm: S000124
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:14:12 PM

Chroma 19200 can perform high / low voltage switch and scan all safety tests by EST Analyzer (Chroma 19032) inputs such as withstanding test; Some modules support 20A for Leakage Current test and Function Test; GB & GBF modules support 40A and Ground Floating.

Ground Bond Tester Model 19572
Mã sản phẩm: S000123
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:13:13 PM

The 19572 are instrument dedicated to measure the grounding resistance within the range of 0.1~510mΩ. Its compact and easy to operate feature is most suitable for the grounding test in production line. By supplying high reliability and stability test results with built-in resistance compensate function; it is an economical and useful grounding tester.

Hipot Tester Model 19052/19053/19054
Mã sản phẩm: S000122
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:12:15 PM

The Chroma Hipot Tester 19050 series provide 3 models for choice. The 19052 for AC/DC/IR Hipot testing and insulation resistance (IR) measurements, the 19053 which combines both AC and DC Hipot tests and IR measurements with 8HV scan channel capability into a single compact unit, and the 19054 which combines both AC and DC Hipot tests and IR measurements with 4HV scan channel capability into a single compact unit. The front panels of the fevers make them easy to operate. Digital display and user friendly control allows test parameters and limits to be set easily without the high voltage activating.

Electrical Safety Analyzer Model 19032/19032-P
Mã sản phẩm: S000121
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 09:11:14 PM

The 19032/19032-P are 5 in 1 Production Safety Analyzer. It can perform AC/DC Hipot, insulation resistance, grounding resistance and dynamic leakage current 5 safety test functions for electronic products. The dynamic leakage current scan device (A190305/A190307) can be connected externally or built in to 19032 Series. It is capable of measuring the complicate safety requirements with easy installation and operation, and is the finest auto safety tester to increase production test efficiency.

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