FA Series FA-300/ FA-450
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Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 02:50:26 PM

  • The FA series utilizes a high pressure solenoid and microcomputer operated controller to seal almost any bag easily and securely. FA series is an excellent sealer for the semi-automatic packaging of thermal form flexible films. The sealer is also light, compact, easy to carry and can even be placed on a small table.
  • It is very simple to use, and no speciall skills are required to make a beautiful and strong seal. Use the touch panel on the control unit to set conditions such as the heating temperature. To set the settings, use the Mode Switch. After setting the appropriate sealing condition for the packaging material, select either automatic continuous operation or manual air-pedal operation.
  • The sealing pressure can be easily adjusted according to pouch thickness and material. Adjust the pressure by turning the pressure-adjusting nut located at the center of upper seal jaw (pressure lever)

FI Series FI-300/ FI-600
Mã sản phẩm: S000114
Đăng ngày 27-03-2019 02:47:15 PM

  • Fi series is industrial quality machines that can creat beautiful, strong sealing with effortless foot-operation. Use the timer to set the heating time, and situate the pouch on the sealing area. The heating time to be set using the timer varies by the type and thickness of the machaging material. Simply step on the pedal to create a seal.
  • With the available model varieties of 200, 300, and 600mm in sealing length. Single-side heating type is capable of sealing materials up to 0.3mm thick while the double-side type is capable of up to 0.4mm thick pouches in total overlapping sheets.
  • Sealing width is 5 mm or 10 mm depend on the heating element type of 5 mm or 10 mm

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