SIPART PS2 with remote control electronics
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In addition to the properties of the compact design, the SIPART PS2 provides the option for separate, remote control electronics. The control electronics is then fitted in a control cabinet, whereas the position detection system and the pneumatic unit remain on the valve.

This makes it possible to locate all highly integrated electronic components (such as memory and microprocessor components) in a radiation-proof area since they are spatially separated from the valve. Therefore nothing stands in the way of using the SIPART PS2 in an application exposed to radiation. Furthermore, this type of construction provides users with a fast and comprehensive overview of the applications in the plant, which may be up to one kilometer away.

The rack units are available either as an mA version with three channels or as a PROFIBUS PA version with five, ten or fifteen channels.

SIPART PS2 with remote position detection
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In addition to the properties of the compact design, the SIPART PS2 provides the option for separate, remote position detection.

The following systems can be used for particularly critical applications such as extreme vibrations, temperatures and water influences as well as valves which are difficult to access:

The Non Contacting Sensor (NCS) detects the current position of a valve reliably and precisely on the basis of the giant magnetoresistance (GMR) effect with utilization of the magnetic field lines. Compared to other methods which are based on the field strength and are more prone to reacting to this as well as to temperature influences, the GMR principle offers a further advantage: a greater distance is possible between sensor and magnets. The compact design and the high IP68 degree of protection of the non-contact and wear-free NCS also allow use in applications where conventional mounting solutions reach their limits.

The external position detection system in the Makrolon enclosure combined with a SIPART PS2 is particularly suitable for valves which are difficult to access.

The SIPART PS2 is also the best choice for applications which are not always typical for positioners (e.g. with pneumatic cylinders). Thanks to its modular design, however, it can also be connected to external position detection. The principle on which the external sensor is based is irrelevant. Whether with or without contacts, whether potentiometer, current signal or voltage value: the SIPART PS2 always impresses. All these different types of external sensors can be connected quickly and simply to the EMC filter module – no matter whether they are installed externally or inside the actuator component (e.g. in a pneumatic cylinder).

SIPART PS2 in compact design - one that masters everything.
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The SIPART PS2 has grown to become the most widely used positioner for linear and rotary actuators. Optionally available with Makrolon, aluminum, stainless or flameproof steel enclosure, the positioner is well-equipped for all ambient conditions. It has proved reliable in many valve control applications thanks to its diagnostics capability and extensive range of functions.


  • Optional pressure sensors: improved valve diagnosis and process parameter monitoring

  • Regular partial stroke tests: ensured movements of emergency shut-down (ESD) valves and other open/close valves in the event of an emergency

  • Fail in Place: the valve remains in its last position upon loss of electrical and/or pneumatic power

  • Fail Safe: the valve moves to the safety position; also suitable for SIL2 applications

  • Valve performance tests (VPT): immediate, on-site assessment of valve maintenance requirements

The unique Fast Open/Fast Close technology allows faster valve adjustment thanks to smart chamber pressure control.

Our all-rounder can do even more: together with the SIPART PS2 booster, it allows for fast control of large actuators. Due to direct mounting on the positioner, the manual piping requirements are reduced to a minimum.

The refined positioner gives you the best possible support as you digitalize your processes. Thanks to assessments using the Siemens valve monitoring app, SIPART PS2 provides you with end-to-end control and analysis options. As a result, you can plan and perform your maintenance activities predictively and flexibly adapt your service intervals to suit your requirements

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