Component Automatic Test System Model 8800
Mã sản phẩm: S000065
Đăng ngày 26-03-2019 10:25:54 PM

Key Features:

  • Open architecture software
    • Expandable hardware support
    • Support instruments equipped with GPIB/RS232 or RS485 interface
    • User editable test library (test Items)
    • User editable test programs
    • Statistical report
    • User privilege control
    • Test item/ Program Release control
    • Activity log
    • Support Barcode reader
  • Test command editor helps to improve test speed
  • Comprehensive hardware modules provide highly accurate, repetitive measurements
  • High test throughput by system test items
  • High test throughput generated by system test items
  • Cost effective
  • Hardware expandable upon request
  • Windows ® 2000/ XP based software

* Test items can be customized or created via the test item editor based on the requirements of various UUTs.

Component Test Scanner Model 1300
Mã sản phẩm: S000064
Đăng ngày 26-03-2019 10:24:42 PM

Key Features:

  • Support component test scanning
  • Support 8 slots for plug-in (removable), up to 320 channels for one unit
  • Option A130007 40 channels scan module, input up to 500VDC for IR test without switching
  • Max. 8 salve units for multiple scanner (master/slave interface)
  • Support Chroma LCR meter
  • Support Chroma 3302/3252/11025 turn ration function
  • Support 11200 CLC/IR meter for IR test
  • Standard RS-232, GPIB and USB interface
  • 13001 can be installed in Chroma Component ATE model 8800
  • Support ICT applications

Milliohm Meter Model 16502
Mã sản phẩm: S000063
Đăng ngày 26-03-2019 10:23:35 PM

Key Features:

  • Basic accuracy : 0.05%
  • Pulsed test current output mode is used to reduce thermal EMFs affection on milliohm measurement
  • DC test current output mode is used to fasten measurement speed for inductive DUT
  • Dry-circuit test current output mode (limited Max. 20mV) is used to measure such contact resistances where the maximum open-circuit voltage must be limited to 50mV
  • Temperature correction (TC function) regardless of material or temperature
  • Useful temperature conversion function for motor/ coil evaluation
  • 4 channels R scan with balance check function for fan motor (combined with A165017 option)
  • 0.001mΩ~1.9999MΩ wide measurement range with 4½ digits resolution
  • Standard RS-232 interface
  • Optional GPIB & Handler interface
  • Bin-sorting function
  • Comparator and pass/fail alarming beeper function
  • Large LCD display (240 x 64 dot-matrix)
  • Friendly user interface
  • LabView® Driver

Programmable HF AC Tester Model 11802/11803/11805/11890/11891
Mã sản phẩm: S000062
Đăng ngày 26-03-2019 10:22:03 PM

Key Features:

Programmable HF AC Tester Model 11802/11803/11805 
HF Hipot Tester Model 11890 
HF HV Load Life Tester Model 11891

  • HF HV Load Life Test (CV and CC mode)
  • HF Withstand Voltage Test (CV and CC mode)
  • HF Breakdown Voltage Test (CV mode)
  • Test frequency: 20kHz ~1MHz
  • Wide output voltage and current range while combine with different module (Module is customized and based on the tester's power)
  • Output voltage and current monitor
  • Programmable output voltage waveform control
  • Cycle count mode or time count mode for load life test timer
  • Lower power consumption and lower temperature rising design
  • Large LCD display (320 x 240 dot-matrix)
  • Built-in digital timer

Electrolytic Capacitor Analyzer Model 13100
Mã sản phẩm: S000061
Đăng ngày 26-03-2019 10:20:58 PM

Key Features:

  • C meter provides Z/C/D/Q/ESR parameters for test
  • Available 7 test frequencies from 100~100kHz for selection
  • 0.1% basic measurement accuracy
  • The thin-film withstand voltage results can be displayed in graph by converting them to an actual rising curve
  • CPK calculation function for 1000 capacitor test results that is convenient for analyzing the production capability
  • 320 x 240 dot-matrix LCD display
  • 200 sets of internal memories and 4M SRAM interface card for saving and recalling the parameter settings
  • Designed for100mΩ range with accuracy measurement up to 0.1mΩ
  • Non-Relay switch is built in. It is safe and reliable as the discharge circuit is close to the fixed power
  • Perform electric polarity test before charge to avoid the danger of explosion
  • Softpanel for leakage current data statistics analysis
  • Equipped with RS-232, printer and scanner controller interfaces
  • Meet the test regulation of EIAJ RC-2364A
  • A131001 scan box has four terminals designed for measuring accurate high frequency and low impedance

HF LCR Meter Model 11050 series
Mã sản phẩm: S000060
Đăng ngày 26-03-2019 10:18:34 PM

Key Features:

  • Test Parameter: L/C/R/Z/Y/DCR/Q/D/ θ
  • Test Frequency: 
    75kHZ~30MHz (11050-30M)
    1kHz~10MHz (11050)
    60Hz~5MHz (11050-5M) 
  • Test Level: 10mV ~ 5V
  • Basic Accuracy: 0.1%
  • 7ms fast speed measurement
  • 3 output impedance modes
  • Test signal monitoring function
  • Compare & bin-sorting function
  • Open/short zeroing & load correction function
  • Detached measurement & display unit design
  • Standard Handler, RS-232C, USB storage & external bias current control interface
  • Optional GPIB or LAN interfac

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