Fine Oven (High Temp., 500℃) (DH650) Fine Oven (High Temp., 500℃) (DH650)

Fine constant temp. oven of max. working temp. 500°C.

Features of Fine Oven (High Temp., 500℃) (DH650)

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  • Fine Oven (High Temp., 500℃) (DH650)

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  • Fine constant temp. oven of max. working temp. 500°C.

    Features of Fine Oven (High Temp., 500℃) (DH650)


Item Code 211140
Model DH650
Method Forced convection circulation and ventilation
Operating temperature range Room temp. +10~500°C
Temp. control accuracy ±0.2℃(at 500℃)
Temp. distribution accuracy ±3℃(at 300℃)、±5℃(at 500℃)
Max. temp. reaching time Approx. 60min
Interior material Stainless steel plate
Exterior material Cold rolled steel plate with chemical proofing coating
Heater Alloy heating wire, 7.8KW
構成 ヒータ容量 7.8kW
Insulating material Aluminum silicate cotton, Ceramic fiber block, Heat insulation block
Blow fan / motor Scirocco fan, High-temp. Self-cooling motor 30W
Exhaust port/Cable hole I.D. 80mm (at back)
Heater circuit control SSR driving
Sensor K thermocouple (Temp. controller and overheat protector)
Damper Exhaust damper (manual)
Safety device Self-diagnosis circuit (Abnormal temp. sensing, Heater disconnection, Auto overheat prevention, SSR short circuit), Overheat protector, Overcurrent ELB, Key lock.
Additional functions Deviation correction, Key lock, Power outage compensation
Power source 50/60Hz 3 phase AC380V 12.5A
規格 内容積 216L
Shelf plate with standard load 30kg / piece
Shelf support step number/pitch 9 steps / 60mm
Shelf plate Stainless steel wire screen plate 3 pcs
Shelf support 6 pcs
Optional Shelf plate (1 plate with 2 rests), Cable hole (30/50mm), Recorder, Indicator lamp (Stand-by/ Running/Malfunction), Observation window,
Optional External communication (RS485), Temp. output terminal (4-20mA), Output terminal for alarm device, Time up output terminal
Internal dimensions(W×D×H mm) 600×600×600mm
External dimensions(W×D×H mm) 1350×950×1300mm
Remarks(dimensions) 216L
Power Source AC220V 21A
Weight 250kg

Maintenance and warranty


Conditions: temperature and humidity: 23 deg.C+/-5 deg.C, 65%RH+/-20% (no load)
External dimensions do not include protrusions.



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