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The Small Parts Bulk Counter U60B is a tabletop bulk counting solution for a wide range of small objects. The system incorporates patented counting technology that delivers 100% accuracy levels while reaching speeds that are similar to weighing systems. The Small Parts Bulk counting machine U60B is an ideal platform for automated processes such as packaging and inventory management that requires exact quantities. 


All the counting data is saved and can be easily retrieved for analysis and reporting purposes. With the Small Parts Bulk Counter U60B, companies benefit from enhanced and real-time product control achieved simply by clicking a button. The results are consistent and repeatable, without the variability associated with scales, manual counting or other counting methods.

The system is ideal for small, high-value objects produced by injection molding, metal lathing, and other intricate processes. It easily handles objects with complex shapes, including the open-shaped items often found in the aerospace, defensemedicalelectronicautomotive, hardware, and other industries.

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The small parts bulk counter U25B provides exact counts of large quantities of components across routine operational processes such as receiving and inventory control. The small parts bulk counting machine U258 can use either as a bowl feeder or as a hopper. This bulk counting machine can count dental bars, dental implants, screws and a lot of different small parts and components.

The small parts bulk counter U25B main benefits:

  • 100% accurate counting of any number and shape of components
  • Rapid ROI as you gain full control over your stock
  • User-friendly interface, easy to operate
  • 2 counting modes: free count and batch count
  • Low maintenance
  • Overfilling alert

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The industrial integration counting kit is uniquely designed for easy integration with bagging machines and made for companies interested in developing their system. When examining a product life cycle within a manufacturing company, the process can be divided into two main stations: product production and product packaging. When referring to DATA ’s industrial integration counting kit (counting head series), the focus is usually on the production.

During the production process, products pass through numerous stations which ‘create’ a certain layer of the product, until the products reach the final station and are ready to be packed.

These stations can be divided into ‘all-products-pass’ stations, and stations which analyze the products and reject defected products. Also, after passing a particular station, a portion of the products are assigned for additional quality assurance tests.

DATA’s counting heads can be applied in those two intersections: rejected products and products assigned for QA processes.

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DATA’s latest product, Bulk Counting Machine U180, addresses the growing market demand for high-speed, accurate counting. This unique bulk counter is based on ground-breaking counting technology that is almost entirely indifferent to the object’s shape, color or material, making it the ultimate counting solution for companies that handle diverse parts.

The Bulk Counting Machine U180 efficiently processes objects sized up to ~25mm, with close to 100% accuracy. The objects are fed rapidly in bulk via a wide track, with the final highly precise count taking place on a narrow track.

The bulk counter U180 can handle a wide variety of objects with no need for tooling. It also saves valuable floor space by eliminating the need for bulky devices to separate the objects before counting. Delivering counting rates similar to weight systems, the U180 provides a cost-effective counting solution, ideal for full product control. The system can be used in manual mode, or as an automated counting and packing system.

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The small parts bulk counter U60 is a next-generation bulk counter with a superior resolution for processing critical components and small parts. It quickly and accurately counts components and parts of various shapes and sizes. The small parts bulk counting machine U60 is ideally suited for manufacturers and distributors and is a must-have for companies seeking to enhance inventory control accuracy. 

The small parts bulk counter U60 key benefits include:

  • Rapid ROI by eliminating the variability associated with scales, hand counting or other counting methods.
  • Easy to operate
  • Low-maintenance and easy to clean
  • counts small parts and components from 1mm to 25mm

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The industrial tabletop counter U25 is designed to count large quantities of components and is ideally suited for manufacturers and distributors. It is a must-have for companies seeking to enhance their inventory control accuracy in a six-sigma process. 

The industrial tabletop counter U25 main features:

  • Overfilling alert prevents costly loss of inventory associated with scale-based counting
  • Rapid counting, up to 25,000 objects per minute
  • User-friendly touch-screen operation, multilingual user interface
  • Counts pre-set number of items sizes 1-15mm

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This industrial components counter U-JR quickly and accurately counts components as small as 0.5mm in diameter, ensuring accurate inventory or kitting control. The industrial components counter U-JR key benefits include:

  • Frees up labor for other tasks
  • Low-maintenance, easy to clean
  • User-friendly interface and simple to operate
  • The industrial components counting machine can accurately count micro-components which cannot be accurately counted or weighed otherwise

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